TWS consulting

Specific solutions for specific problems.

About us...

Who are we?

TWS consulting is a technology focused business that seeks to reduce risk for our customers through the logical examination of functionally based assessments and solution derivation using Systems Engineering methodologies.

What do we offer?

TWS consulting provides specific solutions for specific problems. We work with our customers to define the scope of their issue then develop and recommend a particular course of action or solution.

Whom do we work with?

TWS consulting primarily offers services to the resource and utility sectors. We are unable to offer our services to any defence sector related parties due to current commitments which may attract a conflict of interest for both parties involved - something TWS consulting wishes to avoid.

Where are we?

TWS consulting is a regionally based consulting service based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. 

Where will we go?

TWS consulting will conduct on-site investigations and work packages in any location dependent upon availability based upon a case by case basis.